LEEA Accredited Pedestrian Operated Materials Manipulator Course – Module 7

LEEA Accredited

Pedestrian Operated Materials Manipulator Course - Module 7

Become an operator of the AC500 assembly crane on a one-day training program, held within incredible Centre of Excellence training facilities. Training is provided by specialist operators through theoretical and practical testing.

The AC500 is the first industrial assembly crane in the UK. Train with a unique and compact pick and carry assembly crane. Gain the skills to safely operate this advanced piece of equipment within internal and external confined spaces.

Work with a lifting capacity of 500kg and control boom extensions of up to 5.1 metres. Learn how to travel with loads through restricted access areas with the AC500 and its low marking tyres and be trained to operate features including a 355° slew rotation and an 85° steering lock.

Candidates will be awarded with an LEEA accredited certificate and the addition of the module onto a valid operator card. Further training is provided through other modules within this course and other course on the GGR Group website.

Available at our North, South & Scotland training centres.

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